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Katztudio Glassblowing Workshop is a memorable experience to share with friends, family or colleagues and also an unique gift idea. Get to know our Workshop packages or if you are interested in advanced courses we are happy to arrange workshop or course specially designed for your interests.

Hot date glassblowing workshop - Lasinpuhallustyöpajat Tampere Katztudio
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“In Katztudio Workshops, you make own handblown glass piece yourself from start to finish. You get personal step-by-step guidance and no previous experience is necessary.

You also get to use your own creativity with design and use of colors and you can choose together with Dylan and Greta what kind of objects you make.”


Hot glass is one of the most exciting and challenging materials to work with. We offer a range of workshops tailored to give you the experience of a lifetime, and at the end of it you will have your very own piece of handblown glass made by you! How fun is that!

Hot Date GLASSBLOWING WORKSHOP - 2 persons 490€

2 hand blown pieces per person: drinking glasses, vases or glass hearts

Our “Hot Date” package is a great way for two people to share the intimate experience of team based glass blowing. You will each get to go through the process twice, really ideal for first timers. The first time you try glassblowing can be a pretty overwhelming experience, even with the best instructor, but the learning curve between first attempt and second is a steep one, you’ll go from being really, really, really bad at it to just plain bad. What a great deal! This workshop takes about two hours.

Intro to hot glass - 2 DAY WEEKEND WORKSHOP 350 € / person

Join us in our studio at Hiedanranta for a weekend workshop where you will learn the basics of working with hot glass. We will be guiding you through four fun projects which will open the door to further explorations of the limitless potential of this exciting material. This exciting, in-depth experience is suitable for anyone over the age of 12.

Kalervo AhoFluidit Oy
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“We attended Dylan's glassblowing workshop as part of company well being activity day. We were 6 in total, five guys and one girl. When we saw the hot furnace and working methods we were a bit scared on how we would pull this one trough in the beginning, but Dylan was always on top of things and everything went smoothly!

We managed to make 6 glasses as teamwork. One would roll and mould the glass on the bench, another would blow when needed and third one would provide protection for others, since the melted glass is pretty darn hot. Dylan always helped so that everybody felt comfortable in doing his part of the job. Then we switched places so that everyone could do their own piece, with own selected colours. Thanks Dylan for fun, exciting and very educating workshop!”
Advanced glassblowing course attendee
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“Thank you! I'm overwhelmed with your studios atmosphere, you really pampered us! I'm awed with your focus and sharing skills, quickly reading peoples personalities and personalities. This is easily best experience I ever had with introducing a new material”


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