Salty Caramel Florist Vase

Salty Caramel Florist Vase – Classic

These vases, developed together with our friends in the florist industry, perfectly display bouquets and cut flowers. The neck¬†delicately holds the bouquet upright, the body holds plenty of water to keep blooms fresh, the low center the gravity makes them stable and the bold opaque colors look great even if the water starts to get a bit funky. A modern minimalist¬†design for maximum impact that doesn’t steal the attention from the flowers. Each Florist vase is a unique, free blown, piece.

Approximate sizes (height x width cm):

XS – 10 x 7 cm

S – 12 x 10 cm

M – 15 x 12 cm

L – 18 x 14 cm

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