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Small studio, big ideas


We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful and unique things in their lives. Our work is designed to be accessible to people who have always loved art glass but are often forgotten by the bigger studios and galleries who cater to the high end crowd. With our small scale studio and equipment we can deliver a high end product to fit any budget. 

Same same, but different.


Every piece is made entirely by hand. Most of our work is made in series, rather than duplicates, wherein each piece is a unique and individual work of art. Though it may be the same color combination and basic form as others from the same series, there will always be variations and differences from piece to piece. 

Trophies and Awards



Custom hand blown glass trophies are a great way to add class and flair to any event or competition. We are always happy to sit down with event organizers to create a unique series of awards for any occasion.